A simple to use axle overload indicator system.

Suitable for either air or spring suspension systems, specinc sensors are used to measure the how much weight is on each axle. The Axlog Alpha then informs the operator of the load as a percentage of the preset maximum load capacity or as a live weight reading. When the maximum is approached and at the overload point an alarm will sound to further inform the operator of load status.

The head unit, mounted in the driver’s cab, has an illuminated four-digit LCD, two active front panel switches for all functions and an internal audible alarm. An external alarm is optional.



  • Individual gross axle weight display and overload alarm for up to four axles.
  • Suitable for vehicles with air and spring suspension.
  • Gross vehicle weight display (GVW) and overload alarm.
  • Displays either percentage of weight or live weight reading.
  • Audible alarm output at 90% and 100% of GVW.
  • Load Light Bar’output capability at 50%, 75%, 90%, 100% and 110% of maximum weight for external display when loading.
  • Accurate to +/-3% of G\/lN at the overload point.
  • Option of net weight display.Store of net totals (and overloads) to memory total.
  • Unique bracket for installation of the head unit in any position.



  • Can be retro-fitted on site without requiring structural alterations to vehicles.
  • Can be fitted to multi-axle vehicles.Enables correct loading of vehicles.
  • Identifies operators and vehicles at risk through memory feature.
  • Increases vehicle efficiency.
  • Promotes best operator practice.
  • Decreases vehicle downtime for service and repair.
  • Nationwide support and service from RDS distributors.