The Loadmaster 8000iX is a highly accurate, dual-sensor, temperature and slope compensating on-board weighing system for larger loaders that can help increase loading efficiency, cut vehicle movements on site increasing safety and ensure vehicles are correctly loaded first time.



  • Provides an operational and management record of loading activity.
  • Ensures lorries are correctly loaded first time, eliminating return trips from the weighbridge of over/underloaded lorries and reducing weighbridge queues.
  • Improves site safety by eliminating unnecessary vehicle movements around the site.
  • Weighing ‘on the lift’ speeds operation; enabling operators to load more lorries per shift.
  • Pre-programmable batch/blending mode for product mixtures.
  • Easy upgrade path from existing systems or to other models.



  • Lift speed, temperature and slope compensated dynamic weighing mode.
  • Live last bucket tip off facility.
  • Multiple attachment or product calibration facility.
  • 1,000 store internal database for products and customers.
  • Integral SD card reader for fast and efficient data transfer to a PC.
  • Compatible with RDS optional extras e.g. Printing & Telemetry.