The benefits of using on-board weighing systems

The benefits of using on-board weighing systems

As with any business, efficiency is key. That’s why on-board weighing systems have rapidly become a must-have piece of tech—particularly for farmers and quarry operators. Here’s the low down on RDS on-board weighing solutions and how these products can benefit your business.

What are on-board weighing systems and how do they work?

As the name suggest, on-board weighing products are specifically designed weighing systems that are fixed directly on to a vehicle of choice. The scales weigh the produce or aggregate as it is loaded on to the vehicle, then that data is stored on the system to be used or analysed.

On-board weighing solutions allow produce/aggregate to be accurately weighed on site eliminating the need to transport shipment to weighing stations or load out areas. Due to the demand and advancement of this technology, there are a number of different weighing solutions to suit every industry and operation.

Weighing up the benefits of on-board weighing

The latest on-board weighing systems offer a plethora of benefits that span far wider than the field. Here’s a list of some of the benefits of on-board weighing.

  • Improved measurement accuracy

With proven technology, the on-board scales accurately measure the weight of the load.  The unit is calibrated upon installation, and in a number of cases, these systems do not require periodic re-calibration or servicing.

  • Improves productivity and efficiency

On-board weighing systems eliminate the need to transport consignments to loading bays or weighing stations, meaning the entire process is more efficient and the number of man-hours required is minimised.

Using data direct from the weighing system also offers a more efficient and quicker means of collecting and analysing the load information.

  • Cost efficient

By improving the process, the number of workers needed on site is decreased.  This is because on- board scales only require one or two people to coordinate the operation, unlike traditional weighing methods which may require loaders and unloaders, data collectors and analysts, and batch recorders.

Eliminating the need for weighing bays also mitigates the potential for spillages or lost consignment.

  • Ensures correct loading of vehicle

On-board weighing systems typically allows correct and even loading of storage and vehicles.  It also increases vehicle efficiency and promotes best operator use minimising machine downtime for servicing or repair.

  • Increases load safety

On-board weighing systems often come with a variety of applications including check-weighing of incoming and outgoing goods and alarm systems to ensure the weight does not go beyond maximum capacity.

  • Versatility

Due to advancements in technology, there are a number of on-board weighing systems to choose from. The versatility of these products enables smoother operations and increased efficiency, and can be installed on a number of vehicles including tractor-trailers, haul trucks and vans. They also provide a number of stock management applications including check-weighing incoming goods, trailer and hopper loading and batch blending.

With over 75 years of industry experience, our knowledgeable team at RDS MME can work with you to improve accuracy and efficiency within your business by helping you to incorporate the best in on-board weighing units. Please contact us to find out more.