Arable Products to Feature at Cereals 2023

Arable Products to Feature at Cereals 2023

The UK’s arable farming industry contributes significantly to the agricultural sector. The development of modern farming practices has allowed for technological innovations to occur, and RDS MME has been at the forefront of this with our range of monitoring & application rate control products and onboard weighing systems.

Cereals 2023: What to Expect

RDS MME is thrilled to once again be exhibiting at the annual Cereals event – one of the biggest events on the arable calendar, offering networking and educational opportunities for those in the industry.

Cereals 2023

Each year the event showcases the latest in arable farming, welcoming over 17,000 farmers and agronomists, as well as service and product displays from over 370 arable-focused exhibitors.

Cereals 2023 is taking place on June 13th & 14th at the Thoresby Estate in Nottinghamshire.

Which RDS MME products will be featured?

RDS MME has a range of arable products that will be highlighted at Cereals 2023.

TT Weigh & TT Weigh+

The Tractor Trailer Weigh is suitable for farmers that require an onboard trailer weighing system, such as on a tipper-type grain trailer. An ideal product for customers at harvest, it weighs the trailer load in the field rather than having to wait until the trailer gets back to the weighbridge on the farm. This allows the operator to immediately make any tweaks to the yield monitor whilst the system also totalises the trailer loads from that field.

RDS MME has two variants for trailer weighing – the TT Weigh for a single tractor and trailer combination, or the TT Weigh+ for a single tractor operating alongside multiple trailers.

RDS MME TT Weigh & TT Weigh+

Weighlog Alpha 10

The Weighlog Alpha 10 is an onboard weighing system intended for use on agricultural telehandlers, compact loading shovels, front-end loaders, and backhoe loaders.

It is unique in using up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the load and provide an accurate weight.

A versatile system provides an on-the-go production measurement alongside a range of features to assist the operator in their work and give them more control to get the job completed faster.

Ceres 8000i Yield Monitor

The Ceres 8000i Yield Monitor is an innovation in the field of optical sensing technology. Suitable for all types of combine harvesters, it measures both live yield and dry/wet harvested weight.

Ceres 8000i Yield Monitor

Some of its key attributes include:

  • Instant and average wet and dry readings
  • Yield, moisture & feature (tag) mapping are included as standard.
  • Enables you to see and map your yield as you cut.
  • Live display of yield spot rate.
  • Subtotal area and tonnage saved for each crop
  • Includes an SD card for a streamlined handling process of data.
  • GPS speed input.

Artemis Lite

The Artemis Lite provides users with intelligent and accurate seed drilling rate control, without the huge cost. The system eliminates seeding errors caused by slippage between the ground wheel and the land.

  • Link to third-party controller update option to provide variable rate
  • Ability to change rate from the tractor cab.
  • Ability to ‘prime’ the mechanism by turning the seed shaft whilst stationary.
  • Requires no expensive ISOBUS terminal.
  • Includes all traditional drill functions:
  • Forward speed
  • Tramline control: symmetric and asymmetric
  • Area totals (2)
  • Fan tachometer
  • Low seed level alarm
  • Self-explanatory and easy to use

The RDS MME team will be at the 904 Topcon stand from 8:00 am each day, with our technical team on hand to discuss our range of products.

You can contact the RDS MME team by calling 01249 479356 or sending a message to

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