Guide to the MC-Max Excavator

MC Max Excavator Guide

Alongside the MC Max Dozer and Sitelink3D v2 in our Machine Control for Construction product range is the MC Max Excavator.

No two excavating jobs are the same, and the MC-Max Excavator allows you multiple setups for your excavator. It keeps you in the cab and in control with the right configuration for whatever your projects throw at you.

Work in 2D, 3D, guidance only or fully automation modes. With all-new sensors, GNSS receivers, control box and 3D-MC software – the MC-Max Excavator is the fastest, most responsive system yet.

Key takeaways:

  • Accurate and validated work with less rework
  • Modular components can grow as your project needs and fleets grow
  • Operate the bucket using multiple display and elevation reference options

Configure your excavator for every situation

MC-Max Excavator lets operators configure their setups to match project requirements for each day.

It can be set up to use its bucket to take topo shots, put in automatic control mode to implement designs like a veteran operator and constantly check its own grade work, keeping human grade checkers safely out of trenches and working on other tasks.

2D or 3D Excavator Machine Control

If you are working on a rough grading project, you may just want an indication of bucket-depth in relation to grade. A 2D solution will provide the guidance you need and the freedom to dig on your terms.

On the other hand, if you need to precisely know your grade and where on the site you are positioned, putting MC-Max in 3D Automatic mode will keep you on grade and tracking the design file without over- or under-excavating.

Evolving with the environment

Digging a trench alongside an open highway often provides open sky view for GNSS guidance. However, excavating for an underground parking garage requires a robotic total station for machine control guidance. The MC-Max solution provides flexibility in choosing guidance options to suit your situation.

Finish quicker with bucket awareness

The X-53 excavator system simultaneously delivers position and grade guidance. The system constantly interacts with available GNSS constellations to track the excavator’s position on the planet, while sensors track the bucket’s relation to the target grade.

3DMC software provides the operator with the information they need to control the machine, work around structures, or make complex cuts or blind excavations.

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