Harvest Season: Maximising Operations with Onboard Scales

Harvest Season: Maximising Operations with Onboard Scales

Harvest season is the busiest and most important time for an arable farmer or individual working within the agricultural industry. In the UK, this season starts towards the end of September and runs through to November.

Farmers have been increasingly turning towards technology to help them run their harvest operations more efficiently. Onboard scales are one example of this – they can be retrofitted onto equipment and used to accurately determine the weight of a crop. As industry leaders in this field, RDS MME provide a range of onboard weighing systems that are essential for the harvest season.

Benefits of Onboard Scales at Harvest

Onboard scales on the harvesting equipment will allow for real-time yield measurement and optimum vehicle loading.

Without onboard scales, the weighing of harvest loads requires significant time and effort. This process will involve an initial trip to a fixed weighing station site. This is inconvenient and time-consuming.

The use of onboard weighing systems will streamline the entire harvesting process, boosting levels of productivity. Crop yields & moisture will be measured in real-time, and chaser bin weighs known immediately after loading and grain truck loads optimised before passing over a weighbridge. Information is stored and can later be analysed to identify potential issues and opportunities to increase yields.

Harvest Season in the UK

RDS MME Products for the Harvest Season

RDS MME has a range of industry-leading weighing systems and over 100 years of combined experience within the business to provide you with the best possible customer service. The following products reduce the chance of human error and contribute to an efficient harvest.

Ceres 8000i

The Ceres 8000i uses optical sensing technology and is suitable for all types of combine harvester. It measures both live yield and dry or wet harvested weight. Using several sensors, the Ceres 8000i measures yield, forward speed, moisture content, header position and angle position.

Combine Moisture Meter 100

The Combine Moisture Meter 100 is a grain moisture meter that is also suitable for all types of combine harvesters. It gives the operator a constant and dynamic display of grain moisture as grain passes through the combine. At the touch of a button, it can provide the grain temperature compensated reading to the operator.

Weighlog Alpha 10

The Weighlog Alpha 10 is a unique weighing system for telehandlers & tractor front loaders that uses up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the bucket load to provide an accurate weight.

TT Weigh & TT Weigh+

The Tractor Trailer Weigh is suitable for farmers who require an onboard trailer weighing system, such as on a tipper-type grain trailer or chaser bin. RDS MME has two variants for trailer weighing – the TT Weigh for a single tractor and trailer combination, or the TT Weigh+ for a single tractor operating alongside up to 5 trailers.

Artemis Lite

As the harvest season comes to an end, attention is turned to the post-harvest seed drilling process. The Artemis Lite provides an intelligent and accurate seed drill controller at an affordable price point.

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