How do pressure based onboard forklift scales work?

There are a range of onboard forklift scales, including the RDS Liftlog 1000, that can offer you a cost-effective weighing solution that increases productivity.

What are onboard forklift scales?

Onboard forklift scales are a weighing scale system that can measure the weight of the items being lifted on the forks. They can be built into the forklift itself or retrofitted.

A weighing scale system will use a hydraulic sensor to accurately measure pressure in the lift ram under load from whatever is being lifted, and thus give its weight. The forklift scale is essential for knowing exactly how much product is being loaded onto a truck, double-deck trailer or warehouse racking.

What are the benefits of the forklift scales?

There are numerous benefits to using forklift scales in your operations. They are designed to be used in fast-paced work settings to provide a higher level of accuracy, while saving time and reducing costs compared to transporting product to a remotely located platform scale. 

  • Allows correct and even loading of storage and vehicles.
  • Maintains accuracy; requires no periodic re-calibration or servicing.
  • Increases loading safety in yard and/or warehouse.
  • Enables check-weighing of incoming and outgoing goods.

Forklift Mounted Scales from RDS MME

The Liftlog 1000 is an RDS Technology innovation that provides a weighting system solution with 0.5% accuracy designed specifically for forklift trucks operating in the fastest loading environments. With the ever-increasing focus on productivity and safe loading, the Liftlog 1000 is a cost-effective solution that is successful in reducing loading cycle times, while maximising tons per hour performance.

Using a sensor to measure hydraulic pressure controlled in a drop valve, the Liftlog 1000 informs the operator of load as a ‘calculated’ weight in Tonnes, kgs, lbs and US Tons. This load can then be confirmed automatically or via the ‘Enter’ button and added to the Accumulated total and will also be added to the Grand total. In addition, when approaching and at the point of overload, an internal (and optional external) alarm will sound to further inform the operator of load status.

Some of the key features of the Liftlog 1000 include:

  • A colour touchscreen display that provides intuitive operation.
  • The ability to store up to 50 tare values, allowing for pre-determined pallet and stillage weights for faster operation.
  • Highly accurate, +/- 0.5% of truck capacity.
  • A ‘stores function’ that saves the load total against a total of 100 named memory stores.
  • Two serial output ports, which supports ICP 300 printer option or communication to PC/Modem using csv or xml file format.
  • Pressure-based technology that maintains accuracy and minuses the machine downtime for servicing or repairs.
  • Quick and easy installation and calibration, with nationwide service and back up from RDS distributors.

For more information on the Liftlog 1000, click here. You can contact the RDS MME team by calling 01249 479356 or sending a message to