Improving material handling efficiency with the Loadex 200

The Loadex 200 is a productivity  innovation available from RDS MME , offering an advanced on-board weighing solution for material handlers operating in the recycling and waste industries.

What is the Loadex 200?

The Loadex 200 is an advanced on-board weighing system that has been designed for retrofitting onto material handlers working in portside, recycling, and waste applications. The system allows trucks to be accurately loaded and products to be logged while being loaded into process plants.

How does it work?

The CAN-based weighing system is designed for a range of material handling machines. It measures, displays, and records the net weight lifted, utilising a load-sensing pin that replaces the standard attachment pin on the end of the dipper arm.

The signal from the load pin is sampled and combined with slew speed and 3-axis acceleration signals. All signals are processed in a separate Weighing Module attached to the swinging grapple. The resultant weight calculation is sent via CANBus to the head unit.

Weighing is triggered by a footswitch in the cab or by slewing the machine within a specified range of speed of rotation. The resultant weight reading is entered via the Enter key on the head unit, or via a separate ‘Remote Enter Switch’.

Benefits of the Loadex 200

  • The static and dynamic weighing models allow for faster operation.
  • You can set individual product target weights to ensure the correct loading of vehicles.
  • Clear, uncluttered display provides intuitive operation.
  • The SQL database is easy to use and interfaces with ERP systems.
  • With up to 12 information stores, you can store multiple jobs, totals and blend capability with advanced memory job search and report functionality.
  • GPRS and Wi-Fi connectivity allows for 1 or 2-way communication with the office.
  • Multiple active job capability with 5 quick, job pre-selections for repeat job setup.
  • Safe and efficient data-handling.
  • The systems ‘pause’ mode can disable weighing mode during non-weighing tasks.
  • Accurate record-keeping, traceability, and stock management.

For more information on the Loadex 200, click here. You can contact the RDS MME team by calling 01249 472446 or sending a message to