On-board Weighing with the Loadmaster Alpha 50

Telescopic Handler

RDS MME has a range of onboard weighing products, each providing the accurate weight being lifted or loaded for a given piece of machinery.

The Loadmaster Alpha 50 is an innovative weighing system that can be retrofitted onto wheeled and telescopic loaders, as well as dumper trucks. Here is everything there is to know.

What is the Loadmaster Alpha 50?

The Loadmaster Alpha 50 is an onboard weighing system with two sensors that continuously measure the load’s hydraulic pressure.

It increases efficiency by reducing the vehicle movements on-site and ensuring trucks are correctly loaded the first time.

Loadmaster Alpha 50

RDS MME has a 4-sensor derivative of the Loadmaster Alpha 50, which offers the same features but with an additional two pressure sensors for fitting onto telescopic handlers. There is also a lite version of the 4-sensor product.

Our comparison tool reveals the key differences between these three products in more detail.

How does it work?

The system works by measuring, displaying, and recording the net weight lifted. This is based on sensing the lift system’s hydraulic pressure at a set point using a reference and direction sensor. The system then weights the contents in the bucket being lifted, and the information can then be saved to a customer or product memory store.

The standard system is designed for industrial loading shovels. It has two pressure sensors and a chassis angle sensor that is connected to the Loadmaster Mk5 junction box.

The ‘lite’ system is designed to be fitted onto a telescopic material handler and agricultural front-end loader. As pressure sensing can be difficult on certain types of equipment due to the design of the hydraulic system, up to four pressure sensors may be installed. There is no provision for a chassis angle sensor.

Features and Benefits of the Loadmaster Alpha 50

This system is suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments, including buckets or forks. An enhanced store capability allows for 50 products, 100 customers and up to 5 different recipes that are designed around product mixing, dispensing, and handling. This allows for accurate record keeping and traceability.

The vehicle operator can enter a target weight to reveal the remaining product needed to reach this goal. The ‘last bucket tip-off’ feature can then allow adjustments to be made to the final bucket load to ensure the accurate target weight has been achieved.

Some of the other key features include:

  • A 7” resistive touch screen display for intuitive operation.
  • The ability to set individual product targets to ensure the correct loading.
  • Communication via USB memory stick, for safe and efficient data handling.
  • A printer option for hard copies of load summaries and totals.
  • A calibration ‘nudge’ for quick and easy calibration adjustment to match site reference.
  • An audible alarm is set at the overload threshold.

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