Onboard Weighing Systems for Logistics & Warehousing

Onboard Weighing Warehousing and Logistics

Onboard weighing systems have become an important piece of technology for people operating machinery in the warehousing and logistics industry.

The weighing systems can be retrofitted onto a forklift truck to provide the operator with an accurate load. The key benefit of these systems is that they increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining the entire process, minimising the loading cycle times and the number of man-hours required.

What is warehouse logistics?

To understand warehouse logistics, it is important to first understand logistics. Put simply, this is the detailed planning, organisation, and implementation of complex operations that help move goods through the supply chain.

In the context of warehousing, this involves the physical flow of products and information through a warehouse, such as the fulfilment times and other such data associated with the goods.

Warehouse logistics is integral to the success of the supply chain. When products are not being moved from one location to another, they are stored in warehouses. But with so many products being received, stored, and shipped from a warehouse, it is essential for the flow between each of these to be as efficient as possible.

Onboard Weighing Systems for Logistics & Warehousing

There is a range of RDS MME products that play a vital role in the efficiency of logistics and warehousing:

  • Liftlog 100 & Liftlog 100+
  • Liftlog 1000
  • SID 200

Warehousing & Logistics Products from RDS MME

The various onboard ‘check-weighing’ systems – the Liftalert, Liftlog 100, and Liftlog 100+ – provide load monitoring and weighing functions with an internal alarm to warn the user when the load weight is approaching the overload threshold.

Check-weighing pallets is essential to warehouse logistics, to decide whether the pallets should be placed on the top or bottom deck of the trailer and avoid overloading. It is equally important to check weigh pallets and goods before placing them on the warehouse racking.

The Liftlog100+ also offers a totalising feature, making it ideal for multiple pallets to be check-weighed and removing the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale in a remote part of the warehouse.

The Liftlog 1000 is a more advanced weighing system that offers higher accuracy and data management through an SD card or USB port, for the fast and efficient transfer of load data between the forklift and the office computer.

RDS MME also provides a speed and distance monitoring instrument, the SID 200, which features an overspeed alarm that will sound when the forklift truck travels over site speed restrictions. This system is cost-effective, user-friendly, and can play a significant role in ensuring vehicle safety onsite.

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