Onboard Weighing Systems for the Arable Agricultural Industry

Onboard Weighing Systems for the Arable Agricultural Industry

Onboard weighing systems have become an essential technology in the arable industry, helping farmers to optimise their processes, enhance productivity, and overcome challenges with greater ease.

Our experts explore the benefits of these innovative systems as well as the range of RDS MME products for use within the arable industry.

Arable Industry: Why Onboard Weighing is Important

Accurate Harvest Measurement

Onboard weighing systems play a crucial role during the harvest seasons. They enable the real-time monitoring of the amount of crop being harvested by a combine, providing the user with precise yield data. With this information, the farmer can make informed choices about crop management.

Optimised Load

Fitting a weighing system to a trailer optimises the payload and totalises the harvested product being transferred to the barn.

The weight of the first trailer load can also be used to fine-tune the combined yield monitor.

Cost and Time-Saving

 Loading grain trucks correctly the first time eliminates return trips from the weighbridge for tip-off or top-up saving time, fuel and unnecessary vehicle movement.

The use of onboard weighing means you need only weigh the load once, at the time it is collected. This saves time and money by eliminating the need to constantly load and unload the produce to weigh at the site and again at the collection point.

RDS Products for the Arable Industry

RDS MME supplies a range of cost-effective systems for machines and equipment operating in the agricultural industry.

Weighlog Alpha 10

The Weighlog Alpha 10 can be fitted to a telehandler or tractor front loader and is a unique weighing system that uses up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the load and provide an accurate weight reading. It provides an on-the-go production measurement alongside a range of features to assist the operator in their work and give them more control to get the job completed faster and more accurately.

TT Weigh

The Tractor Trailer Weigh is suitable for farmers who require an onboard weighing system for fitting onto a tipper-type grain trailer or chaser bin. RDS MME has two variants for trailer weighing – the TT Weigh for a single tractor and trailer combination, or the TT Weigh+ for a single tractor operating alongside up to 5 trailers.

Artemis Lite

As the harvest season comes to an end, attention is turned to the post-harvest seed drilling process. The Artemis Lite provides an intelligent and accurate seed drill controller at an affordable price point.

Spraymaster 200

The RDS Spraymaster 200 is an entry-level sprayer control system. It accurately applies the liquid spray product proportionately to the forward speed of the vehicle it is retrofitted onto. The target rate can be inputted into the instrument and the application rate is set by a control valve.

Ceres 8000i

The Ceres 8000i uses optical sensing technology and is suitable for all types of combine harvester. It measures both live yield and dry or wet harvested weight. Using several sensors, the Ceres 8000i measures yield, forward speed, moisture content, header position and angle position.

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