What is a Payload Weighing System?

Payload Weighing System

RDS MME have a range of payload weighing products that improve material handling performance and the efficiency of weighing agricultural produce.

What is payload weighing?

The payload weight of a vehicle is the total amount of weight that the vehicle can carry, including load and passengers. Payload weighing refers to an onboard system that provides on-the-go weighing and assistance to the loader machine operator in achieving the exact load targets. The system has numerous features that allow for tracking productivity and daily totals.

These on-board payload systems improve site efficiency. The monitor will display the target payload, notifying the operator when the load capacity has been reached. With this type of system, information can be easily transferred and monitored, allowing for easy analysis of productivity. From here, you can identify trends, issues, and reduce fuel consumption.

Technological advancements have allowed for numerous weighing systems to be created, and RDS MME have a range of products that are ideal for different types of machinery. For example, the RDS Weighlog Alpha 10 is intended for use on industrial and agricultural tele-handlers, compact loading shovels, front-end loaders, and back-hoe loaders.

The RDS MME Weighlog Alpha 10 interface

Benefits of payload weighing systems

  1. Accurate measurements: on-the-go production measurement means the loader operator will be always loading correctly, first time.
  2. Faster cycle times: these systems eliminate the need to transport the material to weighing stations, which means the entire weighing process is more efficient.
  3. Cost efficient: By improving the process, load-out and stock movement is streamlined and thus significantly reduces operational costs.
  4. System versatility: the weighing systems have a range of features to assist the operator in their work, giving them more control to get the job done faster.
  5. Multi-tasking: the systems are capable of handling multiple jobs at once, and so the operator can pause to complete other unfinished jobs without having to start over.

Loadex 200

The Loadex 200 is another advanced on-board weighing system that has been designed for retrofitting onto material handlers working in portside, recycling, and waste applications. It features static and dynamic weighing options that allow for a faster operation, as well as the ability to set individual product target weights to ensure the correct loading of vehicles.

Loadmaster Alpha 100

The RDS MME Loadmaster Alpha 100 is a CAN-based system that measures, displays, and records the net weight lifted. It is suitable for use with up to ten different attachments, including buckets and forks. It can be retrofitted onto a wheeled, tractor, or telescopic type loader.

Liftlog 1000

The Liftlog 1000 is an RDS Technology innovation that provides a weighing system solution with 0.5% accuracy. It has been specifically designed for forklift trucks that operate in the fastest loading environments, offering a cost-effective solution that is successful in reducing loading cycle times while maximising the tons per hour performance. The device features an internal and optional external alarm that will sound to inform the operation that the load is reaching the overload status.

RDS MME offer a range of on-board payload weighing products that work to increase material handling productivity. The right system for you will depend on your application as well as the machine you intend to fit the system to.

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