Quarry Management & Onboard Weighing

Quarry Management

The use of onboard weighing solutions to accurately load vehicles varies depending on the industry. RDS MME has weighing systems that serve a range of industries and the specific requirements that are needed, including civil construction, warehousing, ports, recycling, and quarry management.

Quarry management in particular benefits from onboard weighing as the weighing systems allow for productivity to be increased and profits to be maximised.

What is Quarry Management?

Quarry Management involves the coordination and extraction of materials from quarry sites for use in industry and construction. The materials obtained are essential to everyday life, allowing for the building of roads, buildings, and other similar types of structures. The goal is to maximise productivity by keeping the loading times short and the process running as efficiently as possible.

Increasing Quarry Productivity

There are three key ways in which onboard weighing systems can improve quarry productivity.

Analysing the cycle time

An onboard weighing system can be used to measure the cycle times of each loading event throughout the process. With this information, you can analyse the data to determine the overall efficiency. With the key weaknesses now identified – for example, the loading, hauling, or queuing times – operation managers can alter the process to improve speed and efficiency.

Maximising the tonnes moved per hour and tracking stock movement

A weighing system will allow you to maximise the tonnes moved per hour and effectively manage stock movement e.g. utilising geofencing to automatically identify product and ‘load’ & ‘dump’ regions tracking product moved from stockpile to product bay in an asphalt or concrete plant helping to ensure the correct mix.

Improving the loadout efficiency

Moving aggregate is most profitable when the trucks are loaded at 100% payload. If the trucks are slow to load or under-loaded, money is lost. If trucks are overloaded they will be prevented from leaving the site onto a public highway after passing the weighbridge and returning to the stockpile causing significant delays, disruption and unnecessary site movement. The aim is therefore to load a truck to 100%  payload quickly with no mistakes, and this process is made significantly easier with an on-board weighing solution.

On-board Weighing Systems for Quarry Management

RDS MME has a range of onboard weighing systems appropriate for different aspects of the quarry management process. The Loadmaster Alpha 100 is best suited to wheel loaders, ADT, and dump trucks. The Loadmaster combines cutting-edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques to provide precise and consistent weight information.

The Loadex 100 is perfect for excavators. The Loadex has been designed to operate within the fastest loading environments by maximising tons per hour performance – making it fantastic for quarry management use.

Both systems can store and analyse load data based on the truck, driver id, customer, product, location, destination, date, and time, and remotely send directly to iSOSYNC office pc or Sitelink cloud management system offering API with third-party customer management systems.

Quarry Management and Onboard Weighing

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