Looking for RDS? Installer of Onboard Weighing Solutions

Who are RDS?

RDS are a premier supplier of onboard weighing technology; we are the largest distributor of RDS weighing products. At RDS we have 75 + years of experience in the industry. Our solutions help businesses to boost efficiency and productivity, with high-quality RDS weighing systems. RDS serve many different sectors including quarrying & aggregates, agriculture; logistics and warehouses; and ports and civil construction. RDS systems are also used in the waste and recycling sector.

The History Of RDS

Back in 2015 RDS North East and RDS South joined forces to create one RDS company and brand. It was in 1969 that RDS TEC first appeared on the UK market, leading with the use of electronics in agricultural applications. It all started with combine harvesters, and an electronic device to monitor grain loss. In 1980 RDS pursued a slightly different path, introducing the first sprayer regulation and control system, the ‘Rate Governor 80.’

Skip forward a few years to 1986; RDS developed the renowned RDS Weighlog, the very first on-board weighing system.

The journey has only just begun for RDS, in 1989 the Loadmaster 5000 arrived, a uniquely designed RDS weighing system created for wheel loaders. The Loadmaster is now used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Just one year later, RDS technology became involved in the field of precision farming, developing the Ceres Yield Monitor, designed to measure the grain yield and this exciting venture soon facilitated the creation of Plotplan software.

The year was 1995, and RDS still wasn’t short of innovative new projects. The Genie was introduced, a control system and spray monitor specifically for the fruit farming industry. Still the story was far from over for RDS, elite products such as the trade approvable Loadmaster 9000, Spraymaster 200, Weighlog Alpha 10, and the Loadex excavator weighing system were developed in the years that followed.

Development continues at RDS with even greater emphasis on data management connecting the workplace with stock control and productivity monitoring systems such as iSOSYNC and Sitelink.

How can RDS help your business?

RDS helps businesses to improve their site operations, leading to enhanced efficiency and increased productivity. Working with RDS means more productive projects, and consequently, saving money and streamlining your operations. RDS onboard weighing systems can also help companies to adhere to regulatory compliance. At RDS we have a network across the UK of well-equipped service vans and highly skilled, experienced Engineers. Companies require high-quality site work completed in line with regulations and health and safety. At RDS we can deliver you these solutions perfectly, every time.

RDS products are game-changing across a variety of different sectors. For instance, in animal feed mix applications, RDS on-board weighing systems ensure the correct product and quantity is loaded correctly first time eliminating return trips to the stock pile. With RDS weighing systems, businesses can ensure their truck loads are optimised. No matter which industry you operate in RDS can work with you to meet your needs. At RDS we exhibit at all of the leading industrial and agricultural shows & support many regional & machinery dealer events to offer demonstrations. For more information take a look at our events page. We have an extensive range of products available and are always happy to discuss your weighing system requirements.