RDS MME Products to Feature at Hillhead 2024

RDS MME Products to Feature at Hillhead 2024

Hillhead is the UK’s largest quarrying, construction, and recycling exhibition. RDS MME is thrilled to be returning with our range of industry-leading products in June 2024.

Hillhead 2024: What is it?

Hillhead 2024 is set to take place this June 25th-27th, at the Hillhead Quarry in Buxton, Derbyshire.

The previous event hosted a record-breaking 600 companies and 18,500 visitors. This year, those attending will enjoy three days of live demonstrations and hundreds of exhibitors alongside their thousands of products for the quarrying, construction, and recycling industries.

Hillhead 2024

The working demonstration areas are what make Hillhead unique to other exhibitions. It is invaluable for both visitors and exhibitors to see plant and equipment doing a real ‘job of work’ in a live quarry environment. The four demonstration areas are:

  1. Quarry Face – three benches spanning the length of the quarry face will host over 35 machines including excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, dozers, cold planers, hydraulic breakers, screening buckets and mist cannons.
  2. Rock Processing – also known as ‘Crusher Alley’ where a range of tracked and skid-mounted crushers, screens, scalping grids and stockpiling conveyors can be viewed.
  3. Recycling – located to the south of the exhibition site, this area shows a range of specialist crushers, shredders, screens and washing equipment.
  4. Registration – this area hosts rock processing and recycling demonstrations.

Registration for Hillhead is free, quick, and easy. You can sign up today to pre-print your badge and get fast-track entry to the showground.

RDS MME Products to Feature

RDS MME will be located at the Topcon stand, N13. Our team will be on-hand to discuss the range of products that we are set to showcase.

Machine Control Products

The adoption of machine control on construction sites is becoming more widespread with automation driving the industry forward.

Accurately positioning machinery on job sites and automating their movements to accomplish work based on approved design layouts allows jobs to be done faster, more accurately, with less fuel, and with fewer people.

The MC-Max Dozer allows you to optimise your bulldozer for the project at hand. This system grants you the right tools that you need at your fingertips, with rough and fine grading solutions in 2D or 3D.

So, whether you’re operating in open ground with satellite access or require a robotic total station for positioning in a tunnel, this system can be configured for any job.

Machine Control Products

Sitelink 3D v2

Sitelink3D v2 is a secure, cloud-based system that provides site-wide data synchronisation between all the site’s machines and users on a pay-by-the-day basis.

Not only can it be used with the Loadmaster Alpha 100 and Loadex 100, but also our range of RDS MME products for machine control, including the MC-Max Excavator and MC-Max Dozer.

Sitelink 3D v2

Loadmaster Alpha 50 & 100

The Loadmaster Alpha 50 is an onboard weighing system designed for retrofitting onto wheeled loaders and is a popular choice among quarries & waste management companies and recycling facilities that require precise and efficient weighing of materials.

It’s suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments, such as buckets or forks, and offers the input of a target weight from which it requires the remaining load required.

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 combines cutting-edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques to provide precise weight information.

It’s designed for fitting onto wheeled loaders operating within the quickest loading environments and the toughest of conditions, compensating for uneven, sloping ground and restricted loading areas while reducing cycle times and maximising tons per hour performance.

Loadmaster Alpha 100A is a trade-approvable system to MID class Y (b) and is suitable for use in commercial transactions.

Loadmaster Alpha 50 & Loadmaster Alpha 100

The Loadex 100 is an onboard weighing system designed for retrofitting onto excavators. It is typically used when loading dump trucks and optimising payloads.

You can contact the RDS MME team by calling 01249 479356 or sending a message to

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