The Benefits of Onboard Forklift Weighing

Benefits of Onboard Forklift Weighing

An onboard forklift scale can measure the weight of the items being lifted, instantly providing an accurate weight to the user. They can be used in the context of a range of industries, including logistics & warehousing, civil construction, and waste and recycling.

But how exactly does a forklift scale work? And what benefits can it offer a user operating the forklift with the resulting productivity gains? Our onboard weighing system experts have put together the following guide to answer these questions and more.

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How does a forklift scale work?

The forklift scale uses a hydraulic sensor to correctly measure the pressure in the lift ram under load from whatever is being lifted. The system then informs the operator of the load as a ‘calculated’ weight in tons or kg. This load can be confirmed through the ‘Enter’ button and added to the total channel.

Key Benefits to Forklift Weighing

Measurement accuracy

RDS’ proven technology will ensure the scales accurately measure the weight of the load to a high degree of precision. It also requires no periodic re-calibration or servicing.

Productivity, efficiency and site safety

Efficiency is achieved by replacing the need to transport loads to a loading bay or weighing station, with the easy-to-retrofit onboard scale. Reducing site traffic improves safety. The operator’s ability to instantly access the load data means data collection and analysis can occur at a quicker rate.

Cost efficiency

By improving productivity, the process will naturally become more cost-efficient: more work will be completed in less time and less manpower will be needed to achieve this.

Load safety

The forklift weighing systems have an internal alarm that warns when the load threshold is approaching or at the overload point.

Forklift Weighing Scales

RDS MME provides three options to meet your forklift weighing requirements.

Forklift Weighing Scales - Liftlog

Liftlog100: Forklift Scale

The Liftlog100 is a cost-effective weighing and load monitoring device that is specifically designed for forklift trucks operating in a despatch yard or warehouse environment. It accurately displays the weight and features a visual and audible overload alarm to warn of the tip-over point.

Liftlog100+: Forklift Truck Scale

The Liftlog 100+ provides the operator with load accumulation. This is ideal for applications where multiple pallets are to be check-weighed, negating the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale.

Liftlog1000: Forklift Mounted Scales

Finally, the Liftlog1000 is for those applications where efficiency and precision are of the utmost importance. This is made possible as the system has a 0.5% accuracy. In addition, the Liftlog 1000 supports the optional ICP 300 printer. It also benefits from a memory stores function with the ability to include an additional text reference to be associated with the load. The data can be exported via a USB stick.

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