The Types of Vehicle Weighing Solutions

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The Types of Vehicle Weighing Solutions

For businesses transporting goods, understanding the loaded weight of a vehicle is extremely important. Knowing the weight of the load ensures the safe operation of the vehicle, minimises the risk of fines for overloading, and allows companies to maximise on the payload.

There are two ways to determine the load weight of a vehicle: 1) in-ground scales and 2) on-board weighing systems. Whilst in-ground scales are the more traditional option, more and more businesses are opting for on-boarding scales to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their extracting and weighing process.

Here are the main types of vehicle weighing solutions available


Mounted on a concrete foundation, a weighbridge is an in-ground scale system used to weigh the entire vehicle and its consignment. To calculate the load weight the vehicle is weighed before and then once the load is added.

This type of weighing solution is typically used for large industrial vehicles such as articulated lorries, and can vary in design from pit to surface-mounted variants. The type of weighbridge used depends on preference and intended use.

Although they are built to last with a rugged design, weighbridges are continually being placed on the back burner in favour of on-board weighing. A desire for increased efficiency has created demand and development for more control systems and data transfer over the weighbridge design itself. On-board weighing can remove the need for a weighbridge and simplifies the operation or helps a site with a weighbridge cope more effectively at peak times.

Axle Indicator System

Axle weighing systems are used to measure the weight imposed on each axle of the air or spring suspension vehicle. The system informs the operator of the load as a percentage of the pre-set maximum load capacity or as a live weight reading via the head unit mounted in the driver’s cab. When the maximum is approached and at the overload point an alarm will sound to further inform the operator of load status.

Poorly balanced axle weight can cause damage to the vehicles and may also cause safety issues.  Additionally, vehicles which exceed the maximum weight limits of their axles are at risk of incurring financial penalties.  By fixing axle indicator systems to vehicles, you can increase vehicle efficiency, promote best operator practice and decrease vehicle downtime from service and repair.

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