Weighing Systems for Excavators

Weighing Systems for Excavators

An excavator is a powerful piece of equipment that is commonly used for civil construction projects and in quarries. The advantage of fitting a weighing system allows for an increase in productivity and efficiency, due to the delivery of accurate, real-time weight measurement.

Weighing Systems Used with Excavators

To ensure the excavator operates safely and efficiently, it needs to be equipped with a reliable weighing system. This system is installed in an excavator, measuring the weight of the material being lifted by the bucket. It provides accurate weight readings, helping the operator to optimise truck payloads.


The Loadex 100 has been specifically designed for excavators. It operates within the fastest loading environments by maximising tons per hour performance.

It can store and analyse load data based on the truck, driver id, customer, product, location, destination, date, and time, and remotely send directly to iSOSYNC office computer or sitelink cloud management system offering API with third-party customer management systems.

The ICP 300 Printer is an in-cab printer for industrial and agricultural vehicles such as an excavator.

This printer needs to be a lightweight, low-power printer, and easy to use. The RDS ICP 300 is designed for heavy-duty use in the harshest environments, guaranteeing you get the results you need quickly.

Industries: Quarry Management & Civil Construction

Excavators are essential equipment in quarry management and civil construction projects. Their versatility, mobility, and ability to handle heavy materials make them an ideal choice.

An excavator is used in quarries to typically load articulated dump trucks with material from the face and transport them to a processing plant.

The goal is to maximise productivity by keeping the load cycle times short and the process running as efficiently as possible.

Civil construction, a branch of Civil Engineering, is defined as the maintenance, design, and development of natural and physically built infrastructure. This includes projects concerning railways, buildings, roads, water reservoirs, airports, sewer systems, and dams.

Excavators are used for a wide variety of tasks. This first includes site preparation, where they can clear land and prepare the site for construction to take place. This may involve the removal of trees and other debris, as well as digging trenches for utility lines.

During the construction process, excavators are commonly used to dig foundations for buildings, bridges, and other structures. The trenches need to be dug deep to create the necessary foundation.

Excavators fitted with the Loadex weighing system can monitor the amount of material being moved and loaded onto dump trucks.

Using GPS technology, loading and dumping locations can be geo-fenced providing the ADT operator with a confirmation or warning if at the wrong location.

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