What are the benefits to using a trailer weigher?

Trailer weigher measuring crops on a farm

If you operate in the agricultural industry, you will understand the importance of weighing your produce accurately. Having an on-board trailer weigher will allow farmers to carry out their operations efficiently and with great ease.

What is a trailer weigher?

A trailer weigher is a cost-effective means to measure the net load of product loaded into a tipper trailer.

Weighing scales play a crucial role in the efficiency of farming operations, as they help to streamline the harvesting of crops by allowing farmers to know exactly how much produce is available for them to sell in a given season. Whatever the type of crop, farmers need a reliable measurement. A trailer weigher is an efficient means to totalise the tonnage of product taken from field to barn.

How does a trailer weigher work?

They work by measuring the hydraulic pressure in the lift ram circuit. By definition, the system is only capable of giving a proper weight reading while the trailer body is raised off the chassis, and therefore is sensing the pressure increase in the trailer lift ram. Simply raise the trailer body to the weighing position to display the calculated weight. The system can be programmed with a maximum load. On lifting, an audible alarm sounds before the maximum load is exceeded. Each individual load, displayed in either tonnes or kg/lbs, can be added to a memorised total.

There are two variants that are appropriate for trailer weighing. A Tractor Trailer Weigh (TT Weigh) is an effective solution for calculating the weight of a loaded trailer in a single tractor and trailer combination. For a single tractor operating alongside multiple trailers, the TT Weigh+ is required. 

Diagram showing how a TT Weigh operates

What are the benefits to using a trailer weigher?

Farmers using a trailer weigher to streamline their operations can enjoy numerous benefits.

  • Weighs the trailer load in the field rather than having to wait until the trailer gets back to the weighbridge on farm. This also enables the combine operator to immediately make any tweaks to the yield monitor whilst the system also totalises the trailer loads from that field.
  • Simple and cost-effective solution for providing the weight of up to 5 different trailers.
  • Designed to be retrofitted onto most types of hydraulic tipping trailers.
  • Easy to use. Simply lift the trailer to a pre-determined distance off the bed and the weight is calculated and displayed on the instrument. A single button press adds the weighed load to the accumulative total.
  • Durability, housed in a waterproof casing with an IP67 rating, meaning that it is effective in all weather conditions.
  • Low-cost supply only item, being very easy to fit & calibrate.