Which onboard weighing system do I need?

On-board weighing systems have quickly become an important piece of technology for farmers and those working in the agricultural industry. This is due to their ability to improve productivity and efficiency. But with numerous weighing products on the market, which is the ideal system for you and your needs?

What is onboard weighing?

As the name implies, onboard weighing products are designed to measure the load applied to a vehicle. The system is retrofitted onto a specific loading machine and provides accurate load information to the machine operator. This allows the machine operator to load the vehicle to the maximum payload limit and avoid the dangers associated with over-loading.

The key benefit of these systems is that they increase productivity and efficiency by streamlining the entire process, minimising the loading cycle times and the number of man-hours required. Data can be collected and analysed immediately, allowing for real-time productivity tracking.

Which onboard weighing system do I need?

RDS MME has an extensive range of weighing products that can accommodate any agricultural weighing circumstance.

Loadmaster Alpha 100

This RDS innovation is suitable for use with up to ten different attachments, including forks and buckets. You can retrofit the device onto wheeled, telescopic, or tractor type loaders.

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 is unique in using up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the load and provide an accurate weight. It is particularly suited for operating in fast loading environments and in tough conditions – including uneven, sloped ground and restricted loading areas.

Weighlog Alpha

The Weighlog Alpha 10 is intended for use on industrial and agricultural telehandlers, compact loading shovels, front-end loaders, and backhoe loaders. The Weighlog Alpha 10 is unique in using up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the load and provide an accurate weight. Its versatile system provides an on-the-go production measurement alongside a range of features to assist the operator in their work and give them more control to get the job completed faster.

The RDS MME Weighlog Alpha 10 interface

TT Weigh & TT Weigh+

The Tractor Trailer Weigh is suitable for farmers that require an on-board trailer weighing system, such as on a tipper type grain trailer.

RDS MME has two variants for trailer weighing – the TT Weigh for a single tractor and trailer combination, or the TT Weigh+ for a single tractor operating alongside multiple trailers.

Liftlog 1000

The Liftlog 1000 is an onboard counterbalance forklift truck weighing system that can measure the weight of the items being lifted on the forks. It uses a hydraulic sensor to accurately measure pressure and provide an accurate load weight within a 0.5% parameter. This system is ideal for weighing products loaded onto a truck, double-deck trailer, or racking.

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