Which Weighing System do I need for my Vehicle?

Which Weighing System do I need for my Vehicle?

It is important you establish the correct weighing system for the type of machine you are operating, to best maximise the efficiency and to provide an accurate measurement of the material.

To make things as simple as possible, our team have listed the most common vehicle types below, alongside which weighing systems are most suitable for use with. If you are still unsure, you can contact our team for a more accurate quotation.

Wheeled Loader

Otherwise known as a loading shovel, a wheeled loader is a heavy piece of machinery commonly used for loading material into a truck or hopper.

The range of Loadmaster Alpha products has been designed for retrofitting onto wheeled loaders, popular with those requiring the precise and efficient weighing of materials. The Loadmaster Alpha 50 is suitable for use with up to 10 different attachments, such as buckets or forks, and offers the input of a target weight from which it requires the remaining load.

The Loadmaster Alpha 100 and Loadmaster Alpha 100A combine cutting-edge sensor technology and signal processing techniques to provide precise weight information.

All are designed for fitting onto wheeled loaders operating within the quickest loading environments and the toughest of conditions, compensating for uneven, sloping ground and restricted loading areas while reducing cycle times and maximising tons per hour performance.

Loading correctly the first time eradicates return trips to the stockpile reducing vehicle movement, fuel usage, and machine & tyre wear. The Loadmaster Alpha 100 also benefits from being able to handle multiple jobs at one time, so the operator can pause to complete other unfinished jobs without having to start over.

Loadmaster Alpha 50 & Loadmaster Alpha 100


An excavator is commonly used on civil construction projects. A reliable weighing system will ensure the excavator operates safely and efficiently.

The Loadex 100 has been specifically designed for use with excavators operating within the fastest loading environments.

It allows for an increase in productivity due to the delivery of accurate, real-time weight measurements.


Forklift trucks are commonly used in industries such as logistics & warehousing, and waste & recycling. RDS MME provides three options to meet your forklift weighing requirements.

Forklift Weighing Scales - Liftlog

The Liftlog 100 is a cost-effective weighing and load monitoring device that is specifically designed for forklift trucks operating in a despatch yard or warehouse environment. It accurately displays the weight and features a visual and audible alarm to warn of overload.

The Liftlog 100+ provides the operator with load accumulation. This is ideal for applications where multiple pallets are to be check-weighed, negating the need to travel to a floor-mounted platform scale.

Finally, the Liftlog 1000 is for those applications where efficiency and precision are of the utmost importance. This is made possible as the system has a 0.5% accuracy. In addition, the Liftlog 1000 supports the optional ICP 300 printer. It also benefits from a memory stores function with the ability to include an additional text reference to be associated with the load.


Also known as a telescopic handler, a telehandler is a multi-purpose machine that can lift, move, and place material.

The Weighlog Alpha 10 is a unique weighing system that uses up to four sensors to continuously measure the hydraulic pressure of the load and provide an accurate weight. It provides an on-the-go production measurement alongside a range of features to assist the operator in their work and give them more control to get the job completed faster.

The Loadmaster Alpha 50 &100 are also suitable for use with agricultural telehandlers.

Tractor Front Loader

A tractor front-end loader is an attachment frequently used in agriculture, that is designed to be mounted on the front of a tractor.

Alongside telehandlers, the Weighlog Alpha 10 is suitable for tractor front loaders. Its on-the-go measurement capability means the operator will always load correctly the first time. This eliminates the need to transport the material to weighing stations, which means the entire weighing process is more efficient.

Agricultural Trailer

Weighing scales help to streamline the harvesting of crops by allowing farmers to know exactly how much grain is in the barn. A retrofitted weighing system is the most cost-effective means to measure the net weight of a product loaded onto an agricultural trailer.

RDS MME TT Weigh & TT Weigh+

RDS MME has two variants of the Tractor Trailer Weigh that are appropriate for agricultural trailer weighing. The TT Weigh is an effective solution for calculating the weight of a loaded trailer in a single tractor and trailer combination. For a single tractor operating alongside up to 5 trailers, the TT Weigh+ is required.

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