Data Integration


ISOSYNC PC software can be used with either LOADMASTER Alpha 100 or LOADEX 100 and allows the rapid transfer of job information from a central computer to the loader or excavator and the resultant load information send back to the PC upon completion.

LOADMASTER a100 is a trade approvable system to MID Class Y (b) and OIML (UK only) and suitable for use in commercial transactions. Linking to ISOSYNC provides an integrated and complete load-out management system.

Sitelink3D v2 cloud based site management system can also be used with either LOADMASTER Alpha 100 or LOADEX 100. Its secure, cloud-based data centre provides site-wide data synchronisation between all the site's machines and users on a pay-by-the-day basis.

Monitor stock yard movements with RDS Loadmaster Alpha 100 systems fitted to your wheel loaders sending real-time productivity data to Sitelink with geofenced locations providing auto-product recognition helping to ensure material is dumped at the linked destination.

Site Support is an included remote desktop service that enables our tech support team to remotely assist operators and troubleshoot any potential system issues while connected to an active site.

Nationwide Service Coverage

All of our Mobile Service Engineers are employed by RDSMME, have first class experience and technical skills as well as having extensive skills and training in Health and Safety, Machine Operation and Electronics Application Engineering

Our team of highly skilled engineers are able to install, service, calibrate and carry out operator training of all available RDS systems, on site throughout England, Wales and Scotland minimising machine downtime

Our Service Vans are fully equipped to provide a professional, efficient and safe working environment for all of your requirements. We also provide ‘Technical Service Support’ from our dedicated head-office team and Service Contracts options are available for calibration, parts and servicing

Aftersales Support

RDSMME are the world’s largest distributor of RDS on-board weighing, measuring and monitoring products with over 75 years of industry experience. We will work with you to improve accuracy and efficiency within your business.