How long is the warranty period?

Our standard warranty is 2 years on parts and 1 year labour. You can extend the labour by purchasing our Annual Support & Conformity Plan.

How often will my equipment need calibrating?

There is no legal requirement to have a system calibrated every year. However, it is recommended to have them checked every year and a calibration certificate provided. This will be included if you purchase our Annual Support & Conformity Plan.

What service contracts do you offer?

For critical weighing applications and companies operating within ISO management systems where you need to ensure your system is weighing accurately, we offer our Annual Support & Conformity package.

This plan includes an initial visit to provide any software updates, check the calibration settings are still correct and service your RDS system.  We would explain any new features and provide training for operators whilst on-site plus provide your calibration certificate. (As an approved system – if an adjustment is required, we will need to re-certify with a weights and measures authority at additional cost).  Any subsequent callouts are then covered over a 12-month period including labour and travel expenses for breakdowns plus unlimited phone and email support.

What is included in the price of my new equipment/system?

The fitting/installation, system set-up & user preferences according to application and calibration is carried out as part of the quoted price. We also provide operator training whilst on site.

Does an RDS engineer have to fit my new system/equipment?

Most of the systems we recommend are installed by RDS engineers but a few of the simpler units can be sent out for the customer to fit. We also offer a remove and refit service for transferring systems to customer’s new machines. Contact our sales team today for a free quotation.

How long will it take the engineer to fit the equipment?

It depends on the machine but fitting and calibration is usually completed in one day.

Where can I come and see product demonstrations?

We attend several trade events around the country – please see our events calendar or call us to arrange a visit

How does RDSMME on-board weighing work?

Our systems measure hydraulic pressure in the main lift cylinder  and compensates for speed of lift to provide weight data

What weigher will be suitable for my application?

Please view our extensive product range to see which weigher would be best suited to your needs