Machine Control for Construction

Machine Control for Construction

The adoption of machine control on construction sites is becoming more widespread with automation driving the industry forward.

Accurately positioning machinery on job sites and automating their movements to accomplish work based on approved design layouts allows jobs to be done faster, more accurately, with less fuel, and with fewer people.

Budget & plan optimal fleet deployment & required materials more accurately.

Eliminate unnecessary transportation of materials.

Reduce training window for new recruits fast-tracking to a professional level.

Eliminate batter rails, pegs, profile, stakes and re-staking.

Improve Health & Safety with fewer people required on job site.

Empowers experienced operators enhancing their skills.

No requirement for an engineer to constantly check position.

Cut and fill right first time eliminating re-work costs.

Cut and fill to plan with confidence improving efficiency & productivity.

Complete a job in fewer passes.

Improve overall job accuracy.

Utilise on-board connectivity to monitor onsite progress and make amends to designs in real-time.

Reduce machine hours extending service intervals & life of blade edges, teeth & tyres.

Reduce fuel & emissions.

Applicable to compact machines incl. excavators & skidsteers extending their applications.

Streamline job site to be more efficient & competitive.

RDS MME - providing cost effective machine control systems to boost your profitability.

Mass haul - monitor your projects with RDS Loadex 100 and Loadmaster Alpha 100 systems fitted to your excavators and haul trucks sending real-time productivity data to iSOSYNC and Sitelink data management packages. Geofenced locations provide auto product recognition and helps to ensure material is dumped at the linked destination.


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