Quarries & Aggregates

Quarries & Aggregates

Aggregates are often sold by weight therefore accurate loading of trucks is paramount. Weighing at the point of loading rather than at a weighbridge (which could be a distance away from the face) removes the potential need to make several trips back to the face to reach the optimum load weight. Therefore money is saved on fuel, tyres and drive time.

Overall there is less truck movement about the quarry which means improved safety


RDSMME engineers calibrate the equipment effectively and we get certification for our regulatory Compliance. Without the on-board weighers our plant vehicles might have to make multiple trips to make sure the weight is right. Fitting on-board weighing devices allows us to keep track of material movements and get loads right first time. Their telephone support gives really helpful service and is full of information.

Cemex UK – Kevin Hill – Quarry Manager

We were losing money by underestimating the weight of loose product in a container. We got really good advice from the RDSMME rep to get a product which conforms to Weights and Measures regulations and is certified for the direct sale of goods. On board weighing is AN INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE OF OUR COMPANY. Our return on investment covered the outlay in 2 months tops! RDSMME have helpful, polite staff and the engineers are friendly and efficient. The products are very reliable and I trust them.

Peppard Building Supplies – Darren Kimpton – Operations Manager

Popular Products For Quarries & Aggregates

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SID 200 and TGSS

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