How much weight can a telehandler lift

What is a telehandler?

Telehandlers are a type of multi-purpose machine that lifts and moves different materials. It’s a shortened version of the word ‘telescopic handler’, and can be used with different attachments. These machines can lift and place a range of materials, whether lumber, gravel, or bricks. You might also hear these machines referred to as a ‘telehandler forklift’. These lifting machines are incredibly versatile and often used in the construction or farming industries.

How much weight can a telehandler lift?

There are three different types of telehandlers, and each is capable of lifting different weights:

1 . Standard Fixed Boom

This type of telehandler has a telescopic boom (standard) and a fixed cab. You’ll find that the fixed cab is designed to stay in place, and you cannot rotate it. These telehandlers are generally used to move loads that are heavier than usual, (and when these loads require constant movement). A Standard Fixed Boom Telehandler is fairly compact and helpful for sites that lack space. The weight you can lift with these telehandlers depends on the model. As an approximation, you can lift around 5 to 7 tonnes with these telehandlers.

2. Rotational

These types of telehandlers are more modern, with a more versatile design. Their cabs can rotate to 360 degrees. A rotating telehandler has a telescopic boom as part of the moving section. Due to the design, you can move on the axis, without the need to drive on the ground. As you can imagine, the design allows you to access harder to reach areas. Weight capabilities vary, and some models can lift up to 20 tonnes.

3. Heavy Lift

As you can probably gather from the name, these telehandlers are designed for the heaviest loads. They are also purpose-built so that they can access areas that would usually be hard to reach. How much weight they can lift again depends on the model, but as an example, some of the most robust telehandlers can lift up to 50 tonnes.

Why is a telehandler weight scale important in helping to save time and money?

Why is a telehandler weight scale important in helping to save time and money?

  • The Weighlog Alpha 10 provides a cost-effective solution for your onboard weighing. A weigh scale like this is helpful to:
  • Optimise truck loads. Loading correctly first time eliminates return trips from the weighbridge
  • Weigh material into a hopper or when using a bagging bucket
  • Check weigh silage clamp top, middle and bottom for moisture indication
  • Check the weight of incoming goods
  • Used in conjunction with diet feed scales, weigh the required amount of each ingredient at the stockpile eliminating return trips
  • Check weigh and retain a record of bale weights from different farms/fields
  • Accurately load and retain a record of fertilizer or manure application for traceability

The Weighlog Alpha 10 telehandler weight scale can be used with up to 10 different attachments. It can store up to 30 Products and Customers for accurate record keeping and it features a colour touchscreen display which ensures ease of use. It’s a fully versatile weighing scale, helping your company to save money, save time and therefore improve productivity.