• Color touchscreen display
  • Target load
  • Stores database - 30 customers, 30 products & 5 mixing recipes
  • Communication via SD card and USB memory stick
  • Multi channel and grand total summary
  • Printer option
  • Calibration ‘Nudge’

What Are The Benefits?

  • Clear, uncluttered display provides intuitive operation
  • Set individual product target (1 of 30). Ensure correct loading of vehicles or product
  • Accurate record keeping, trace-ability & stock management
  • Safe & efficient data handling
  • Faster operation
  • Load accumulation for up to 10 attachments e.g. buckets, forks
  • Hard copy of load summaries and totals
  • Quick and easy calibration adjustment to match site reference e.g. weighbridge
  • Set to alarm at overload threshold
  • We do both Static weighing and dynamic weighing modes for weighing on the lift


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